Group Lessons

Students will study instrumental or vocal music lessons in a group class (1 hour sessions-3 student minimum); where they will learn the mechanics & techniques of their instrument.

Drums of Africa

The "Drums of Africa," is a Children’s Group Percussion Class where students learn all about various Drums & Percussion instruments commonly found in West Africa.

Playing With the Pros

The Goal of the Group Class, “Playing with the Pro’s,” is to educate beginning, intermediate and advance students to the fine art of playing together and creating good music from professional musicians.

Rap, Rhythm & Rhyme

The award winning music class that teaches the student about Drums & Percussion, Piano, Spoken Word and Rap.

Music for Home Schoolers

With the rising numbers of homeschoolers in the United States and numerous research studies that prove the powerful impact of music instruction on a child’s social and intellectual development. DDC School of music can assist parents in designing high quality musical experiences for their children and help bring quality programming to centers or churches for educational musical experiences to meet their needs.