The Group Rhythm Section Class, “Playing with the Pro’s” is the class designed for rhythm section instrumentalist. The class and/or tracks can include Beginner, Intermediate and Advance levels. The rhythm section instruments are: Drums, Bass Guitar, Piano, Guitar and Percussion. The Advance Track can include a Vocalist or Woodwind/Brass Soloist.

The students are grouped together as an ensemble consisting of one of each rhythm instrument. The groups or ensembles will be put together based on level and ability. The students in the group classes will meet with an instructor for a private lesson on his or her instrument, then with their ensemble for a group lesson.

The private lesson on each rhythm instrument will be in a group setting; all Drummers together, all Bassist together, etc. These classes will teach instrument proficiency, general musicianship, learning how to read music & rhythm charts, and how to play scales & rudiments. The group lesson will be with the students assigned Ensemble. In this class they will learn how to play together as an Ensemble. This includes, but is not limited to: the roles of each instrument in the Ensemble; how to find your part on a rhythm chart; the importance of listening; how to play different styles; and to improve the students ability to play/perform together.

The class will meet for two (2) hours per session and is usually done in an eight (8) or twelve (12) week block of time.

The Goal of the Group Class, “Playing with the Pro’s,” is to educate beginning, intermediate and advance students to the fine art of playing together and creating good music. Because when it is all said and done, there are only two kinds of music, “Good and Bad!”

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