The "Drums of Africa," is a Children’s Group Percussion Class where students learn all about various Drums & Percussion instruments commonly found in West Africa.This hands-on percussion class will allow students to get a chance to play on instruments, learn about their History, learn how to produce the many notes/sounds that these instruments make, and most of all have fun creating Music & Songs from the oral tradition, as it has been past down from generation to generation. One of these methods is the GUN (pronounced goon)/ GO-DO / PA TA method as made famous and created by Master Drummer Babatunde Olatunji.  Students will also learn the written tradition of music notation. They will receive a brief introduction on how to read and write music. Reading and writing music will help them to document their ideas and build their general education and appreciation for "Music."

The percussion instruments that the students will learn on will be provided by the Dinky Drum Company, thru REMO, Inc. line of Ethnic Percussion; in addition to many other hand-made African Drums & Percussion. Some of the names of these instruments are:

Djembe, Djun-djun, Ashiko, Doumbek, Shekere, Togo Seed Rattle, Gongokui bells, Kalimba and an assortment of other percussion instruments. Check your local or school Library for books on percussion instruments, African culture or any other related topics to let the students see and read all about these and many other instruments that they will experience in this wonderful and exciting award winning class from the Dinky Drum Company School of Drums and Percussion.

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