The student in their music lesson will receive one on one instruction designed around Mr. Dinkins’ total percussion experience. Students (usually Grade school age) will begin on Snare Drum learning how to read music and perform the 40 Standard American Rudiments.

Additionally, they learn basic mallet skills. The mallet instruments are in the definite pitched percussion category. Students learn how to identify and play, (i.e. the bars on the bells, xylophone, marimba, etc. which are organized just like the keys on the piano); scales, arpeggio’s, exercises in thirds and fifths, fun melodies and UIL (University Interscholastic League) rated material.

Upon the completion of the Snare Drum and the Mallet percussion studies, students will begin to move around to other popular percussion instruments- Drum- sets, African percussion, Latin percussion, Concert percussion, and many other percussion instruments from around the world.

Also, students enjoy creative curriculum (usually designed for adult’s) around the percussion instrument of your choice. For example, a student whose interested in learning to play the Drum- set or wanting to become a better Drum-set player, their private lesson will be designed around the Drum-set. Private Lessons is the best way to begin, continue or develop your gift of music.

Enjoy this clip from a private music lesson at DDC School of Music; your never to old to learn . . .     


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