The World Percussion Curriculum for the DDC Music in the Schools program is a detail approach to learning the names and history of the instruments from the four representative regions of Africa, Brazil, Latin America/Caribbean and the Middle East. The curriculum is a week by week break down of the class and what will be taught. The classes, which are designed for a class size of 12 – 20 students, can be taught in the following structure:

  • Academic year, the complete course;
  • One semester (Fall/Spring) two regions;
  • A 12 week residency, one region;
  • An 8 week residency, one region with culminating event.

The students will learn in their music lessons how to read and write music. All of the music and rhythms that are taught will be notated for classroom use. Basic music reading will be a part of the World Percussion Residency to insure that we can cover all of the material from the four regions of study (complete course).

Teachers & Students will receive books, hand-outs and rhythmic notation for the class along with instrument names and their brief history.

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