Summer Arts Program

DDC School of Music, “Summer Arts Programs,” is an extension of the annual music educational offerings. The programs are done in 8 week blocks of time and they include Private and Group lessons. Kindermusik sessions are in 4 week blocks.

The Private lesson classes are: Acoustic & Bass Guitars; Drums & Percussion; Piano & Voice; Saxophone, Flute & Clarinet; Trumpet & Trombone

The Goal of the DDC Summer Arts Program is to offer music lessons to Children, Youth and Adults who may not have the time or resources to study music year round. Additionally, our aim is to introduce all people, who have never studied music, to the “Joy of Music;” through private and group music lessons.

Private / Group

Students will receive hands-on training with quality music instructors who specialize in one or more instruments.

Kindermusik Group

Our summer camps offer music, stories, crafts, and adventures—all the Kindermusik activities you love, in shorter summertime sessions.

Playing with the Pros

During the Summer Program we also offer our group rhythm section class, “Playing with the Pro’s.” This class is designed for intermediate and advanced rhythm instrumentalist (Drums, Bass Guitar, Piano, Guitar and Percussion); a Vocalist or Woodwind/Brass Soloist can be added (Advance Ensembles only). The students are grouped together as ensembles consisting of one of each instrument.

Music Appreciation

Music Appreciation classes study special topics or periods of music in our history and present.