Back to School Jam

The Back-To-School Jam is a time set aside to educate the community on the importance of music education during the school year, all the benefits and how scholarships can be access through studying music. Additionally, students have an opportunity to show case what they have learned over the summer through regular study or as participants in our Summer Arts Program.

Holiday Social

The Holiday Social is our time to celebrate the holidays with friends, family and DDC School of Music cliental. DDC, LLC provides the food, spirits and some live entertainment. Students use this opportunity to show case what they have learned since their last performance. Our teachers and also participate by sharing the holiday music with all who attend.

Spring Recital

Our annual recital is held in June at St. James Episcopal Church. The recital is the opportunity for students to show case what they have learned in a formal presentation via a solo performance or an ensemble performance. Recitals build self-esteem, develop performance skills, provide a sense of accomplishment and many students invite friends and family to see them perform. Businesses support the event through advertisements and sponsorships.