Texas is a part of the cultural and musical melting pot that is American music.  It’s sound and traditions incorporate a wide variety of music-country, blues, folk music, cowboy songs, Cajun, Zydeco, Mexican, R & B, Rock-n-Roll, etc.  Texas’ other musical tradition and contribution to American music is the, “Texas Tenor.”  Big, Robust, Earthy, and sweating with the Blues; the Texas Tenor is a tenor sax slinger with this sound. Big like Texas. It’s not a puny sound. It’s rich and vibrant.  The Texas Tenor is honed by blues and jazz influences, able to honk and walk the bar with the best tenor sax-man in the world-they can swing hard, play beautifully, and execute ideas that connect instantly with the listener.  These are but a few of the legendary Texas Tenor’s whose music will be performed in the show: Illinois Jacquet, Arnett Cobb, David “Fathead” Newman and Grady Gaines. That’s the Texas Tenor!


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