From Ragtime, to Dixieland, to the Blues, to Swing and more; enjoy the award winning Music Education Show from the Dinky Drum Company, "The History of Jazz". Jazz, America's contribution to the world of music, was developed late in the nineteenth century from African-American work songs, hymns and spirituals and anchored in the Blues.

The History of Jazz, a favorite of School Administrators, Teachers, Parents and Students has toured over 50 schools, public library's, community centers and performance venues throughout the Houston Metroplex. The audience will experience an interactive show designed for a small group (Trio - Rhythm section: Drums, Bass & Piano) to as large as a Septet (Rhythm section plus 3). The group demonstrates all of the colors of Jazz and overwhelms its audiences with top notch improvisations of all of the genres of Jazz.

"The History of Jazz an Educational Performance favorite for all.... "


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