I just wanted to let you know how incredibly refreshing it is to see so many African American young people, both boys, girls, immediate and extended families in the community coming together over something positive like the joy of music. I was so happy to be there with Riley this past Saturday to show her our ‘true’ history when it comes to excellence both in craft and appearance. I will be signing Riley up for the Kindermusik program, as she needs to be exposed to excellence and positive role modes who….yes….look like her!

    Thank you for having the vision and putting the strength behind it!

    Karen Fain

    Music is a wonderful gift and DDC School of Music adds to the gift with everything that it offers. The place is buzzing with wisdom, knowledge and skill. I am excited to be a student at DDC. The entire staff is always friendly and caring. So along with music being wonderful, so is DDC!!!

    Angee Hardy

    Very hands on. Really like the style of teaching. Pointing out mistakes and allowing the student to get further instruction along with encouragement. Love the constant communication to keep us parents well informed: Emails, newsletters, TV monitors


    Mr. Dinkins truly has a passion for music. He is very patient with his students. He is willing to do what it takes to help his students improve.


    I am so grateful for the Dinky Drum Kindermusik program! Finally something that merges learning with a joyful musical experience. Today my daughter, Riley (4 years old) read out loud in her class! And how did she learn…listening to the Kindermusik CDs. Dinky Drum makes learning fun!

    Karen Fain

    Mr. Stewart is a great mentor and we are glad to be a part of a wonderful program that is very timely, professional and friendly.


    Mr. Dinkins' performances at Williams have always been informative and very entertaining!

    Ms. Angela Senegal; Sr. HR Business Partner WILLIAMS Gas Pipeline

    Thanks Mr. Dinkins; you and your co-worker were patient, informative and knowledgeable about children's interest and emotional state at the pre-school level.

    Peggy Ford, St. Luke's Day School