At DDC School of Music children and adults learn how to use their voices to sing as a soloist and with a group. Along with our instrumental music lesson program, our vocal lesson program is a big part of the private and group lessons that are offered at DDC School of Music.  The vocal instructors incorporate a music lesson plan that includes method books and performance techniques. When the student studies voice lessons in our private lesson program, the student will receive one on one instruction, learning techniques and how to sing, using the DDC curriculum around the individual student’s ability. When the student studies voice lessons in our group lesson program, the student will receive a group lesson, not to exceed 5 participants, and learn how to sing individually and as a group. Beginning students will learn proper vocal control, how to read music, sing major & minor scales, and listening skills. Intermediate and advanced students will learn musical styles, develop listening and sing-along skills, major & minor scales, improvisation and other ideas designed around the students’ interest and practice habits.  Students in the DDC School of Music programs have the opportunity to perform in one of our three annual events- the Annual Spring Recital, the Back to School Jam or the Holiday Social.

Enjoy this clip from a private music lesson at DDC School of Music; your never to old to learn . . .     


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